Along with partners at the Massachusetts Coalition on Addiction Services, the SCA successfully supported increased funding for addiction services. Due to concerns about underfunding for addiction services in the upcoming Massachusetts budget, State Senator Jen Flanagan filed an amendment to restore the Substance Abuse Fund (1595-4510) at $5 million and preserve existing services. This amendment currently has a total of 24 co-sponsors, which represents majority support and will soon be approved!

This amendment funds vital social services, such as:

  •  Programs that place recovery coaches in emergency departments.
    • This contract was recently awarded to High Point Treatment Center and Bay State Community Services in Southeastern Mass.
  • Opioid Urgent Care Centers
    • These programs are in development at SSTAR in Fall River, Community Healthlink in Worcester and Boston Medical Center.
  • Improvements to the BSAS Helpline
  • 3 new Recovery Centers
  • Funding for Learn to Cope
  • Funding for the Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery

Thanks to everyone who called in and advocated on this issue. Your voices have been heard!

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